Borough Meeting Highlights 01-09-2019

Borough Meeting Highlights 01-09-2019

Dear CTWWW Members,
The first West Wildwood borough meeting of 2019 was held on Wednesday, January 9th at 3PM and was attended by approximately 40 taxpayers.

Mayor Fox was not present at the meeting as he had a “work conflict.” He also holds an administrative position in Wildwood and attended their 3:30PM city meeting instead of fulfilling his obligation to run the WWW borough meeting.

Highlights of the meeting included:

  1. New meeting structure including Commissioner’s reports.
  2. Addition of a new “alternate” to the Planning Board. Details such as number of members,
    meeting dates, goals etc. regarding this group will be shared at next borough meeting.
  3. Friday furloughs save the borough $8,133 per month. The payment to the Ferentz lawsuit is a
    total of $22,630.00 per month which includes payment to her attorney as well.
  4. Mawhinney and Polombaro lawsuits – “nothing to report.”
  5. Glenwood Avenue – County owned and has no plans to re-surface the road.
  6. 2 Avenue J – property will be removed by borough.
  7. The ramp to the beach is being addressed. The department of environmental protection (DEP) is
    investigating potential driveway conflict.
    Administrator Ridings will be meeting with representatives to discuss. There is a question of a
    CAFRA (Coastal Area Facility Review Act) permit for a stone driveway that was placed on
    private property adjacent to where ramp will be built.

The CTWWW worked to try and live stream the meeting but was met with challenges related to continuous Internet access. We were successful with Plan B, which included a videotape of the actual meeting. Just click on the link to view the meeting.

In closing, please be assured that the Mayor and Commissioners are aware of the taxpayers frustration with the new monthly time slot and the Mayor’s decision to miss the WWW monthly meeting. We also appreciate your emails and texts and appreciate your feedback.

1-2019 WWW Borough meeting highlights

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