**** Borough Meeting Highlights 04-06-2023

**** Borough Meeting Highlights 04-06-2023

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors,

The fourth monthly borough meeting of 2023 was held on Friday, April 6th at 7:00 pm in the borough hall.  Approximately 15 people were in attendance.   Mayor Ksiazek, Commissioners Banning and Segrest, Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick, Deputy Clerk Carl O’Hala, Chief Financial Officer Elaine Crowley and Solicitor Lyons were present.

ORDINANCE #608 (2023) – second reading: Exceed the municipal budget appropriation limits and establish a cap bank for calendar year 2023.

ORDINANCE #610 (2023) – second reading:  Amends Ordinance #605 (2022) and sets salaries and compensation for elected and appointed officials and employees of BOWW.

ORDINANCE #611 (2023) – first reading/introduction: Designate restricted areas on borough property, limited to authorized employees to safeguard public records and provide a safe workplace for employees and borough officials. (2nd reading 05/05/23)

RESOLUTIONS #2023-023 and #2023-033 through #2023-043 relate to the following:

  • Authorizing the second reading of resolution #2023-023 regarding the 2023 municipal budget by title only.
  • Authorizing the appointment of a planning board member.
  • Appointing members to the West Wildwood Plan Board.
  • Authorizing the appointment of a zoning official.
  • Authorizing the appointment of a mercantile license inspector.
  • Approval to submit a grant application and execute a grant agreement with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation for the Coastal Resilience Fund.
  • Authorizing a shared services agreement between Wildwood, North Wildwood, Wildwood Crest and West Wildwood for the administration and coordination of the Urban Enterprise Zone.
  • Authorizing the BOWW to hold a July 4th
  • Authorizing the BOWW to hold a borough wide yard sale.
  • Opposition to the NJDEP’s proposed coastal regulations.
  • Approving additional NJDEP permit fees related to the Venice Avenue and Lake Road bulkhead replacement project.


The commissioner reports were presented, and they will be available in their entirety on the Borough website.  If you would like a copy of any report, please request it via our email address below or OPRA it directly from Borough Hall.

PUBLIC WORKS (work orders):

  • A part-time, seasonal position has been posted.
  • Maintenance of various borough vehicles.
  • Two picnic tables have been assembled at Neptune Park.
  • Playground improvements/maintenance includes mulch and a new bench.
  • Street sweeper schedule is the 3rd Wednesday (southside of island) and Thursday (northside of island) of the month. This schedule is subject to change.


  • A Living Shoreline public meeting will be held on April 5th at 10:00 am presented by Mott MacDonald, borough engineers. The informational meeting will discuss plans, grants, funding, partners, or stakeholders, etc.
  • The manhole project is approximately 50% complete. Manholes have been repaired or replaced.  Updated data is not available currently.  February flow rates are low due to actual low rainfall during the month.
  • The borough submitted grant applications to fund the playground and parks improvements with the UEZ and Parks and Recreation state grants.


  • Three of the deepest manholes at the Neptune Avenue pumping station will be renovated.
  • Upgrades to the 26th Street pumping station will be planned.

PUBLIC SAFETY (243 calls for service):

  • Total motor vehicle stops totaled 15 during the month of March as well as 23 parking complaints/violations. In addition, two suspicious vehicles/persons were noted.
  • There were 8 medical assists/well-being checks and 137 property checks.
  • There were three arrests (two trespassing and one credit card theft within the household).
  • A part-time code enforcement officer position is available. Application is available on the borough website.


  • July 4th parade will be held on Tuesday, July 4th beginning at 9:00 am. More information to come.
  • Borough wide yard sale will be held on Saturday, June 3rd. The rain date is Sunday, June 4th.
  • Free bulk trash pick-up is scheduled for Monday, June 5th and is limited to 5 items per household. Construction debris is not acceptable.
  • Flushing of water lines (hydrants) will continue through April 13th and could result in discolored water and low water pressure.
  • Kayak racks rental begins on May 1st. Call the office to reserve your space. (609-522-4845).
  • Dogs will not be permitted on the beach as of May 1st.
  • There has been a change in the law and when giving a public comment, you no longer need to provide your address. You must provide your name only.


  • The memorial bricks have been reinstalled at Neptune Park. The borough plans to offer more bricks for personalization in the future.
  • A resident commented on the newly installed bench at the playground and inquired if more benches will be installed. Plans are for more benches to be purchased.
  • A volunteer spring clean-up date will be held at the beginning of May. Stay tuned for further information.
  • The COVID funds ($400,000) will be used to repair the bulkhead and flood gate at the north end of Neptune Avenue. Funds must be used towards infrastructure, specifically storm sewers, sanitary sewers, and water supply.
  • There is no foreseen increase in the school tax for this year. The borough tax will increase by 6 cents, county tax will decrease by 2.5 cents, resulting in a net increase of 3.5 cents.
  • Mark Zessnut has been appointed to the planning board. Nine volunteer members comprise the board which meets the 3rd Thursday of the month at 6:00 pm in Borough Hall.
  • Ron Harwood and Richard Allen have been appointed as two zoning officers.
  • A resident inquired about a sun sail or structure at the playground to offer shade. The mayor is researching a viable option (must consider the high winds in the area).  Grant awards will determine the extent of improvements to the playground.
  • A concern was raised regarding the waterfront development on 26th Street and the impact on the narrow waterway at the top of the canal. The mayor stated that docks, pilings, and floats must be approved by the NJDEP.  New bulkhead construction must follow the borough bulkhead ordinance.
  • The condos are working to help mitigate the flooding at J and Pine Avenues.
  • The NJDOT will begin two dredging projects in July in the canal area from Bay Avenue (old railroad bridge) to the mouth of the canal and Post Creek to the Wharf Restaurant. Waterways will remain open while dredging occurs and the project will run through spring 2024.
  • A resident inquired about sprucing up the entrance to the island at the bridge by perhaps planting crepe myrtle trees. The administrator indicated that in the past, since the area is owned by the county, it’s been very difficult to do anything in that area.  Even the sign at the bridge needed to get permission from the county to install.  The mayor also said he spoke with AC Electric about hanging plants from the poles and didn’t have much luck.  If you remember, AC Electric requested we not hang flags on their poles either.  If anyone has any ideas on how to use the beautification funds, please contact the mayor and commissioners.  Also, if you’d like to donate directly to the fund, you can do so by contacting the office.

We encourage you to listen to the audio from the meeting to have a better understanding of actual comments.

The audio this month is in 2 parts (gap of silence in between recording)  we tried to capture the entire meeting but had some difficulties.  Please accept our apologies.


Best regards,
The CTWWW Advisory Council

Trish Sinnott – President
Mary Anne Welsh – Secretary
Jim Bannan – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer
Vacant – Vice President
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director

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