Borough Meeting Highlights 05-06-2020

Borough Meeting Highlights 05-06-2020

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors,

West Wildwood borough held its fourth meeting of 2020 on Wednesday, May 6th at 5PM via Zoom and with approximately 30 taxpayers participating.

In attendance were Mayor Fox, Commissioner Golden, Commissioner Korobellis, Solicitor Bittner, and Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick.

A resolution was passed for professional services related to the COAH matter for $19,500.

The preliminary municipal budget for 2020 will available on Friday, May 8th on the BOWW website at

An extension was made to June 1st for paying the 2nd quarter property taxes per Gov. Murphy’s executive order.  If taxes are unpaid by June 1st the interest penalty will be based on the original May 1st due date.

Commissioner reports were not read, but are available upon request.

Public comments / questions included the following:

  • No update on the USDA grant related to Poplar Avenue. Additional paperwork has been requested by the USDA.
  • No update on FEMA funds from Hurricane Sandy related to outfall lines.
  • A bond was approved to pay for the $19,500 professional planner related to the COAH manner.
  • The Solicitor has created a COVID19 policy to keep employees and the public safe while in the BOWW facilities.
  • Borough hall is open, but not to the public.
  • Mayor Fox is recommending 2nd homeowners follow Governor Murphy’s “Stay at home policy”. If 2nd homeowners decide to break the policy, you should follow CDC recommendations of social distancing and wear masks.
  • The Mawhinney settlement agreement included no admission of liability and a payment of $215,000. The BOWW is responsible for $63,000 related to a $20,000 insurance deductible, co-pays and legal costs.  Mayor Fox & Chief of Police were dismissed from the lawsuit as allegations were unfounded.  The JIF attorney strongly recommended settlement.  BOWW’s solicitor has recommended a new policy that no employee be dismissed without a hearing or commissioner’s approval.
  • Mayor Fox’s ethics violation hearings are scheduled, earliest is June.
  • Bulk trash pickup will be held on Monday, June 8th .  There is a limit of 5 household items and no construction materials.  The annual yard sale is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of June 6th.
  • BOWW has incurred no extra costs to date related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The school tax will result in a .0449 cent decrease in the overall tax rate. The county tax is yet to be determined.

The audio from the meeting is available on the website.  The highlights are also available on the CTWWW website at with the police report for March and April, the public works report for March, and the introduced 2020 budget as attachments.


BOWW highlights 05-6-20

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