**** Borough Meeting Highlights 06-02-2023

**** Borough Meeting Highlights 06-02-2023

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors,

The sixth monthly borough meeting of 2023 was held on Friday, June 2nd at 7:00 pm in the borough hall.  Approximately 15 people were in attendance.   Mayor Ksiazek, Commissioners Banning and Segrest, Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick, Deputy Clerk Carl O’Hala and Solicitor Lyons were present.

The Clerk announced the following notifications were received from the DEP:

  • Installation of a fixed pier, floating dock and two boat lifts at 606 W. 26th
  • Legalization of piling and floating docks at 626 W.26th

ORDINANCE #613 (2023) – first reading/introduction: Amends Ordinance #540 (2015) and established general traffic regulations in the Borough of West Wildwood in conformance with New Jersey Title 39.  (2nd reading 07/07/23)

RESOLUTIONS #2023-053 through #2023-060 relate to the following:

  • Refund the overpayment of $520 in mercantile license fees.
  • Renewal of liquor license for Deep Sea Liquor store was removed from resolutions pending paperwork.
  • Removing a disabled parking space at 712 West Maple Avenue.
  • Authorizing change order #1 (final) for fiscal year 2021 NJ DOT Reconstruction of West Pine Avenue. The quote is almost $40,000 less than the original contract.
  • Authorizing the appointment of a code enforcement official was removed from resolutions pending paperwork.
  • Insertion of 2023 Clean Communities Grant for $4,462.
  • Appointment of Mark Britton to the BOWW Planning Board.
  • Approving the renewal of a liquor license for West Side Saloon, LLC.


The commissioner reports were presented, and they will be available in their entirety on the Borough website.  If you would like a copy of any report, please request it via our email address below or OPRA it directly from Borough Hall.

PUBLIC WORKS (93 work orders):

  • A new part-time employee was hired.
  • Public Works vehicles and equipment along with police vehicles were maintained.
  • Sewer pumps, flood pumps and flood gates were inspected.
  • Three new benches were set up at the playground including the concrete pads.
  • Holiday pole décor lights were cleaned up and painted.
  • The beach was cleaned.


  • The $400,000 check received from Cape May County will be used for storm water infrastructure at the south end of Neptune Avenue.
  • UEZ grant funds of $90,000 came in and were approved for the playground and parking along with $77,000 from the State of New Jersey for parking improvements.
  • The north end of J Avenue will be resurfaced per the NJ DOT grant.
  • The BOWW will apply by July 1st to the NJ DOT for the resurfacing of the west end (last block) of W. Maple Avenue.
  • The ramp at the beach will be extended for safety.
  • The reconstruction of W. Maple Avenue (between Neptune and Arion Avenues) – survey work will begin this month.
  • Three additional manhole renovations are required to help reduce the significant sewer flow rates.
  • Work related to the storm drain and new bulkhead at Lake Avenue is delayed until after the lunar tide this weekend as significant flooding is expected.
  • Pine Avenue is nearly complete and came in under budget.


  • The BOWW received approval of a FEMA grant in the amount of $187,000. The borough needs to contribute $30,000 for a project total of $217,000 to study island vulnerability to flooding and storm resiliency.
  • The tax collector report was unavailable.
  • The overall average balance of the borough’s bank accounts is approximately 40%, which is on target for the year.
  • The sewer flow rates will be measured by a contractor to determine sources of other leaks. While the flow rates are holding steady with last year, they are not dropping.

PUBLIC SAFETY (127 calls for service):

  • Motor vehicle stops totaled 11 during the month of May as well as 26 parking complaints/violations. In addition, one suspicious vehicle/persons was noted.
  • There were 15 medical assists/well-being checks and 10 property checks.
  • Three bicycles were stolen, all were left unlocked.
  • North Wildwood has reported a rash of car break ins. Please be sure to lock your vehicles.
  • E bikes and golf carts are required to follow the rules of the road.


  • A homeowner asked if officials were aware of any plans for development of the west side of North Drive
  • A developer is actively acquiring lots, property tax liens and filing foreclosure notices. The homeowners believed the area is considered wetlands and not buildable.  The mayor stated the lots are privately owned and are zoned marine commercial.  No formal construction applications have been submitted.  The DEP would be involved with any potential construction.  Should housing be approved, 20% would have to be considered low income.
  • A homeowner questioned whether a sun cover, protector or shelter could be purchased for the playground with the $167,000 of funds received for playground and park improvements. The mayor is researching, and it will be discussed at a workshop meeting.
  • Commissioner Banning was asked to define an “uninvited or unwelcome guest.” He stated it is generally a family member or friend who does not want to leave.
  • Clean Up Day was canceled due to rain and will most likely be rescheduled.

We encourage you to listen to the audio from the meeting to have a better understanding of actual comments.

Best regards,
The CTWWW Advisory Council

Trish Sinnott – President
Mary Anne Welsh – Secretary
Jim Bannan – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer
Vacant – Vice President
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director

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