**** Borough Meeting Highlights 08-04-2023

**** Borough Meeting Highlights 08-04-2023

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors,

The eighth monthly borough meeting of 2023 was held on Friday, August 4th at 7:00 pm in the borough hall.  Approximately 12 people were in attendance.   Mayor Ksiazek, Commissioners Banning and Segrest, Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick, Deputy Clerk Carl O’Hala, Solicitor Lyons and the borough engineers were present.

The clerk announced the borough received notification of a waterfront development permit issued for construction of a fixed pier, ramp, L-shaped floating dock and 75 feet of in-kind existing bulkhead at 527 West Poplar Avenue.

ORDINANCE #614 (2023) – first reading/introduction – Adoption of a memorial brick program.  (2nd reading 09/01/23).

RESOLUTIONS #2023-070 through #2023-073 relate to the following:

  • Designating a disabled on-street parking space.
  • Recertification of the emergency operations plan for the Borough of West Wildwood.
  • Authorizing change order #4 – amended final for the fiscal year 2020 USDA sanitary sewer project and the fiscal year 2018 NJ DOT municipal aid program for the reconstruction of Poplar Avenue (from Arion Avenue to J Avenue) and fiscal year 2019 NJ DOT municipal aid program reconstruction of G Avenue (Poplar Avenue to Glenwood Avenue)
  • Authorizing borough engineers to design, prepare and advertise bid specifications, and provide construction observation services for the parking improvements at Glenwood Avenue and 19 Bay Avenue (playground) resulting from UEZ funding.

The commissioner reports were presented, and they will be available in their entirety on the Borough website.  If you would like a copy of any report, please request it via our email address below or OPRA it directly from Borough Hall.


  • The pump at Lake Road has been removed and a tide flex valve has been installed. The park is to be restored with new benches; however, the layout may be different.
  • The police department ADA ramp has been completed and the project is waiting to be closed out by September 30th.
  • E Avenue/end of Maple Avenue terminus: a DOT grant has been submitted and the borough should hear something by the end of October.
  • J Avenue DOT proposal is being prepared by borough engineers for design, bid and inspection.
  • Maple Avenue (Neptune to Arion Avenues) – homeowners should be notified of a scheduled meeting once the plans are set. Utility companies have been notified of the project and have been requested to upgrade/replace old utilities or services prior to reconstruction.  Trying to put it out for bid this fall.
  • Poplar and G Avenues –unexpended grant funds were approved to purchase manholes, frames and covers. These materials will be stored and used for the Maple Avenue reconstruction project.
  • The West Pine Avenue project is complete and waiting for final DOT inspection in approximately two weeks.
  • The municipal building roof will go out to bid for repairs.



  • Repair police department air conditioner unit on roof.
  • Repair potholes on Pine and Maple Avenues.
  • Pump out 26th Street pumping station due to loss of power.
  • Turn mulch at playground.
  • Maintenance /inspection of police vehicles.
  • Paint curbs yellow around borough and handicap blue area as well.
  • Demo wet sheet rock in police department from roof leak.


  • The average of all operating accounts stands at 51% expended to date as compared to 58% of the year complete (7 months).
  • Commissioner Joe Segrest stated the sewer flow rates are lower than the last two years and hopes it continues to go lower. We are doing well as of this date.


PUBLIC SAFETY (166 calls for service):

  • Motor vehicle stops totaled 29 during the month of July as well as 30 parking complaints/violations.
  • Four animal complaints and eight general complaints were noted.
  • There were 14 medical assists/well-being checks and 18 property checks.
  • Residents are reminded to lock up parked cars.


  • Working with Atlantic City Electric on a shared service agreement regarding the security cameras project. Hopefully everything will be signed by the end of August and installation should happen prior to January 1st.
  • Proposal for the informational sign will be signed and installed shortly. They are about 5 weeks out.
  • Funds should be received soon for trash receptacles and bike racks. They are about 2 weeks out.


  • A resident commented on a new trend where strangers have begun to park in private homeowner’s driveways without the homeowner’s permission. Commissioner Banning indicated if this happened in the borough, action could be taken by the police department.
  • The county recently announced a real estate tax increase of 3 cents. The county increase was originally not planned.  The adjusted property tax due date is August 28th.
  • There is no update from FEMA regarding the Living Shoreline, but we may hear something by November.
  • New parking spaces are planned at the beach and playground. A total of 12 or 13 spaces will be added. Each parking area will include one space for a designated handicapped van accessible vehicle.
  • A resident has noticed an increase in stop sign violations by motorists particularly on Maple Avenue. Commissioner Banning will have the police follow up in this area.
  • A resident reported an ongoing airhorn disturbance.
  • The mayor announced the Beautification Funds will be used to purchase trees and planters to be placed around the island.

We encourage you to listen to the audio from the meeting to have a better understanding of actual comments.

Best regards,
The CTWWW Advisory Council

Trish Sinnott – President
Mary Anne Welsh – Secretary
Jim Bannan – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer
Vacant – Vice President
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director

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