Borough Meeting Highlights 08-07-2019

Borough Meeting Highlights 08-07-2019

Dear West Wildwood neighbors,

West Wildwood borough held its 8th meeting of 2019 on Wednesday, August 7th at 3PM and was attended by approximately 70 taxpayers.  The Mayor and Commissioner Golden were in attendance.

The first order of business was the first reading of one ordinance and approval of five resolutions listed below:

  • Ordinance 575-2019 was read on changes to the Borough recycling. This is an update to ordinance 520 to comply with the CMCMUA revised requirement stating that hard plastics and shredded paper are not to be recycled.
  • Resolution 2019-063 was approved to give a grace period for the payment of tax bills until September 4, 2019.
  • Resolution 2019-064 was approved to appoint representatives to  the Joint Insurance Fund Board.  Appointees are Elaine Crowley and Carl O’Hala.  Donna Frederick is the alternate for claims processing.
  • Resolution 2019-065 was approved to refund escrow fees to South Jersey Gas Company.
  • Resolution 2019-066 was approved acknowledging award of a search grant from USDA for $30,000.
  • Resolution 2019-067 was approved for professional services with TRIAD for the USDA grant.

The Police report and Public Works report were read.

Public comment included the following:

  • Kudos to Officer Dylan Hannum for his prompt and courteous response to a complaint.
  • Extensive discussion on the actions taken by the commissioners that resulted in the JIF not paying the judgement on the Ferentz whistleblower (CEPA) case. Commissioner Golden stated there were multiple options offered by then Solicitor, Mary Bittner.  Golden continued saying they chose the one option they felt would minimize the impact to the Borough. That statement was challenged and the decision from Judge Pickering was read that conflicted with Commissioner Golden’s statement.
  • An appeal to everyone to move forward and start the healing process was made. The requested first step was for the Mayor and Commissioner to resign.
  • Commissioner Golden’s property tax irregularities were discussed with respect to the properties located on both Glenwood and Poplar Avenues.
  • Living Shoreline – The tidelands application is completed and will be filed with the state. DEP will determine how much will be funded. Access to the project will be by eminent domain.
  • The Borough meeting times were again discussed and rejected by Mayor Fox.

We encourage you to watch the video of the monthly meetings to fully understand the discussions.  To view the videos go to the website.  The latest video is always on the homepage.  There is a separate page for the prior videos.  Also the newslink page has articles and the communications page has all of the newsletters.

We appreciate your support through becoming a member and your generous donations.  We welcome your feedback as it helps us address the issues most important to you and your family.

BOWW highlights August 2019

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