Borough Meeting Highlights 09-04-2019

Borough Meeting Highlights 09-04-2019

Dear West Wildwood neighbors,

West Wildwood borough held its 9th meeting of 2019 on Wednesday, September 4th at 3PM and was attended by approximately 40 taxpayers.  The Mayor, Commissioner Golden and Solicitor Blaney were in attendance.

The first order of business was approval of four resolutions listed below:

  • Resolution 2019-068 approved for a refund of tax and sewer overpayment for 666 W 26th
  • Resolution 2019-069 approved for a refund of tax and sewer overpayment for 664 W 26th
  • Resolution 2019-070 was approved to adopt calendar year 2018 audit results, no findings and no corrections.
  • Resolution 2019-071 was approved to issue a new 5 year contract for solid waste and recycling to Gold Medal Environmental.

The Police report was read and is attached to this newsletter.  The Public Works report was not available.

Public comment included the following:

  • There are three candidates for the open commissioner position, John Banning, Nancy Doherty and Amy Korobellis.
  • A discussion on sump pumps connected to the sanitary sewer system being illegal.
  • How can we avoid new lawsuits (JIF Training).
  • The Clean Communities Day has not been scheduled. This is a volunteer event to clean up the island.
  • Water system Flushing – The Wildwood water utility has scheduled dates for flushing however they do respond to complaints of water quality issues through unscheduled flushing.
  • Trash pickup has been an issue in many areas of the island.
  • There was a concern with a past Police response and how an issue was handled.
  • Discussion of the Ferentz lawsuit with respect to the Borough attorney’s defense strategy.
  • Living Shoreline is awaiting funding and acquisition of a parcel of land to get access to the end of the peninsula.
  • Continued discussion on commissioner’s choice of options presented by the Borough attorney related to rehiring of Ferentz. The public comment stated the path chosen was the least favorable to the taxpayers.  Research continues on the OPRA request to obtain a document related to the options.  There was also a question why the former mayor was not called as a witness even though he was named in the lawsuit.
  • There was a discussion on having the Police Chief attend meetings and answer questions on departmental issues.
  • It was confirmed there is one active litigation involving the Borough.
  • Blaney was commended for his candor in answering questions from the public.


We encourage you to watch the video of the monthly meetings to fully understand the discussions.  To view the videos go to the website.  The latest video is always on the homepage.  There is a separate page for the prior videos.  Also the newslink page has articles and the communications page has all of the newsletters.

We appreciate your support through becoming a member and your generous donations.  We welcome your feedback as it helps us address the issues most important to you and your family.


The CTWWW Advisory Council


Trish Sinnott – President Mary Anne Welsh – Asst. Treasurer Bob Bradley – Director
Joe Kline – Vice President Joe Segrest – Secretary Charles Chepak – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer Jim Bannan – Director Bernadette Hennessy – Director

BOWW highlights September 2019

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