**** Borough Meeting Highlights 11-04-2022

**** Borough Meeting Highlights 11-04-2022

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors.

The eleventh monthly borough meeting of 2022 was held on Friday, November 4th at 7:00 pm in the borough hall.  Approximately 20 people were in attendance.   Mayor Ksiazek, Commissioners Segrest and Banning, Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick, Deputy Clerk Carl O’Hala and Solicitor Lyons were present.

Resolution #2022-128 has been added to the agenda.

The Borough of West Wildwood qualified for $40,000 of state aid based on its “Best Practices”.  These funds are part of the annual subsidy received from the State of NJ and are included in the borough’s annual operating budget.

Ordinance #605 (2022) – first reading – replaces Ordinance #584 (2021) and updates the salary and compensation ranges for employees, elected officials and appointed officials in the Borough of West Wildwood.

Resolutions #2022-116 through #2022-128:

  • A UEZ grant in the amount of $20,045 was received to purchase a new informational sign.
  • Acceptance of a subgrant award of the Federal Emergency Management performance grant and emergency management agency assistance in the amount of $10,000.
  • Authorizing the insertion of the FEMA $10,000 subgrant into the operating budget.
  • Awarding of a contract to Lexa Concrete for the reconstruction of the west end of Pine Avenue as part of the 2021 New Jersey DOT Municipal Aid Program. The total contract is $353,787. A Department of Transportation reimbursable grant, in the amount of $160,000, will offset a portion of the cost.
  • Awarding of a 5-year contract for trash and recycling collection services to Pineland Construction, LLC in the amount of $605,000. This represents an increase of $46,000 per year.
  • Awarding of a contract to Standard Pipe Services, LLC for the repair of 20 manholes (Phase 2/Rebid 2) in the amount of $57,000.
  • Authorizing the borough clerk to advertise for requests for qualifications and proposals for professional engineering services and information technology support and consulting services.
  • Authorizing the borough engineer to advertise for storm sewer construction services for Lake Road at a cost of $52,425. A NJ DOT grant will provide $160,000 of funding.
  • Authorizing change order #3, an increase in the amount of $18,755, for prior construction projects on Poplar Avenue (Arion to J Avenues) and G Avenue (Poplar to Glenwood Avenues).
  • Authorizing the submission of an application for Urban Enterprise Zone Assistance Funds for the administration of the UEZ program for fiscal year ending June 20, 2023.
  • Recommendation for the elevation of Cape May County Evacuation Routes, including Routes 50, 49 and 47.
  • Elevating a Class II Borough of West Wildwood police officer to full time. Paul Mourad is currently attending the academy and upon graduation will have full time officer certification.

The commissioner reports were presented, and they will be available in their entirety on the borough website.  If you would like a copy of any report, please request it via our email address below or OPRA it directly from Borough Hall.


  • One of the two pumps at 26th Street failed and has been repaired at a cost of $15,500.
  • The storm sewer pump at the end of Neptune Avenue requires a new compressor at a cost of approximately $5,000.
  • The informational sign at the bridge should be repaired and running again by next week.
  • Work has begun on the Lake Avenue bulkhead. Fencing has been erected and access is limited.
  • Dogs are allowed on the beach at this time. Please remember to clean up after your pets.
  • The mayor thanked all those who participated in the Clean Communities Day on October 29.


  • A punch list is to be completed for Poplar Avenue. Avenue A is in process of final close out.
  • A preconstruction meeting for the Police Department ramp will be scheduled and fabrication of the ramp should begin shortly.
  • The pipe work will be completed first on Venice Avenue and the bulkhead construction is targeted to begin in Spring, 2023.
  • Pine Avenue (between Q Avenue and Lake Road) reconstruction project has been awarded and work should begin soon.
  • The Maple Avenue sewer and street reconstruction is targeted to begin in Fall, 2023.
  • A NJ DOT grant was awarded for J Avenue. Currently, the amount of the grant is unknown.
  • A UEZ request will be prepared to expand parking at the playground. This will fulfill the borough’s obligations with regards to the open space program.


  • As of the end of October, the overall borough expenditures are at 67% of all accounts as compared to 83% point of the calendar year. Overall expenditures are misleading as a few payroll cycles have not yet posted.
  • The manhole project, phase 2, resolution #2022-121, will cover the repair of an additional 20 manholes. Five manholes on 26th Street, the remaining manholes on Glenwood Avenue, along with some miscellaneous locations are all part of Phase 2. When complete, almost 50% of the borough’s manholes will be replaced or repaired.
  • October data related to sewer flow rates is not available at this time. The borough website will be updated with the information when received.
  • The borough plans are to replace the second sewer pump at 26th Street in 2023. The budget will earmark funds for this project.


  • There were 10 medical assists/well-being checks during the month and six general complaints.
  • Motor vehicle stops and parking complaints/violations totaled five.
  • Ninety-eight property checks were done.
  • Total calls for service were 284 during the month of October.


  • The Ladies Auxiliary will host its annual Children’s Christmas Party on December 17th from 1-3pm in Borough Hall. They have requested children pre-register so gifts, treats, games, and activities can be planned. Donated baked goods are requested.  See the borough’s website for more information.
  • A resident requested if a pickleball court could be planned within the borough.
  • The tax sale will be held on December 6, 2022. Any property more than one year in arrears for taxes will be included in the tax sale.
  • Update on the Living Shoreline Project: The BOWW will apply for funds under the FEMA BRIC grant program and the Flood Mitigation Assistance Program. The consultant is concerned the BRIC grants are being awarded to larger projects.  In addition, North Wildwood failed to qualify for BRIC funds. The design has been reviewed and updated due to ongoing erosion.  The breakwaters will be extended beyond the tip of the island to reduce wave action on the northeast side of the island.
  • The State of New Jersey will be increasing employee health care premiums and pension contributions in 2023. The financial impact of these increases on the BOWW is unknown currently.
  • The BOWW has no new tort litigation cases.
  • Paper Shred Day will be held Saturday, November 12th at the borough hall from 9-12.
  • The BOWW would like to honor all veterans on November 11th.
  • The borough workshop meeting scheduled on November 16th will be canceled as officials will attend a conference in Atlantic City.
  • A tree lighting event will be held on December 3rd at 6pm. Light refreshments will be served compliments of the Ladies Auxiliary.
  • On December 17th, Santa will visit Borough Hall from 1-3pm.

We encourage you to listen to the audio from the meeting to have a better understanding of actual comments.

Happy holidays,
The CTWWW Advisory Council

Trish Sinnott – President
Mary Anne Welsh – Secretary
Jim Bannan – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer
Vacant – Vice President
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director

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