**** Borough Meeting Highlights 6-03-2022

**** Borough Meeting Highlights 6-03-2022

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors.

The sixth monthly borough meeting of 2022 was held on Friday, June 3rd at 7:00 pm in Borough Hall.  Approximately 15 people were in attendance.   Mayor Ksiazek, Commissioners Segrest and Banning, Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick, Deputy Clerk Carl O’Hala and Solicitor Lyons were present.

A few notices were received by the Borough, including:

Highland Group notice relating to 749 Poplar Avenue requesting a coastal general permit for construction of a single-family home, in-ground pool, site improvements and waterfront development.



  • Ordinance #602 (2022) – second reading – Repeals Ordinance #455 (2016), amending stormwater control management and tidal stormwater requirements.
  • Ordinance #603 (2022) – second reading – Repeals Ordinance #566 (2018), establishes uniform regulations for the construction and repair of bulkheads. The minimum height for newly constructed bulkheads is 8.5 feet.

Resolutions #2022-057 through #2022-063 relate to the following:

  • Authorizing an emergency contract with the Borough’s current trash and recycling hauler in the total amount of $6,200 for services through December 31, 2022. This is in addition to the monthly payment of $6,213.  There will be a new contract negotiated for 2023.
  • Approving the renewal of two separate liquor licenses for West Wildwood Liquor Store, Inc. and Westside Saloon, LLC.
  • Approving a place-to-place transfer expansion of license to West Side Saloon, LLC.
  • Authorizing a designated disabled persons on-street parking space at 547 W. Maple Avenue.
  • Insertion of a grant from the State of New Jersey for the 2019 municipal recycling tonnage grant in the amount of $1,002. The State program is always 3 years behind per the Clerk.
  • Approving an emergency appropriation in the amount of $81,947 to fulfill a pension obligation for the Deputy Clerk. The solicitor informed the public that this sum was not known to the current administration until after the 2022 budget was adopted and it is in the best interest of the Borough to fulfill this financial obligation now and this is the ‘mechanical way’ required by statute to do so at this point in the budget year.


The commissioner reports were presented, and they will be available in their entirety on the Borough website.  If you would like a copy of any report, please request it via our email address below or OPRA it directly from Borough Hall.


  • The flood gate at E and North Drive has been repaired.
  • Sprinkler systems are being repaired around the Borough. Taggert Park is a little brown due to the early May storm and should recover shortly.
  • The next phase of Neptune Park project will be to bring in topsoil and seed. The old benches will be removed and brought to the waterfront and new benches will be installed in Neptune.  Hopefully, everything will be ready for July 4th.
  • Special thanks to Braskem of Philadelphia and R.J. Evercrest who sponsored the Community Clean Up Day. The BOWW received approximately $8,000 of donated goods including benches, trash receptacles and flower planters along with hosting of the clean-up day event.
  • The department assisted with the springtime community cleanup which was a big success. In total, a 30-yard dumpster was filled with debris and trash.
  • An additional 30-yard dumpster was filled with debris and sea hay that washed up on the beach with the early May Nor’easter. This is a very labor-intensive process and they worked extremely hard to get it done by the holiday weekend.
  • The department assisted with the manhole project. One manhole cover and casing needed to be replaced at a cost of $6,000.


  • Avenue A is recently finished and has a small punch list. Overall, this project has been complete.
  • There is municipal aid for Pine Avenue. The field survey work has been completed.  They will be starting on the design this week.  This is for resurfacing, sidewalks, curbs, and storm drains.
  • There is municipal aid for Lake Road. There is a grant from NJDOT in the amount of $160,000.   Hopefully, this work can be tied into the bond for the bulkhead at Lake Road.  If both projects are done at one time, it will complete that section of the island.  It will be new stormwater management at Lake Ave and a new bulkhead at Veteran’s Park with new storm drains and tide-flex valves going through the bulkhead.
  • The Borough received money from the USDA for Maple Avenue. This project will need to be bonded and is planned for 2023.
  • Poplar and G Avenues, there is a minor punch list. Overall, this project has been completed.
  • The Police Department ADA ramp has been approved by the DCA. Advertising for bids will begin on June 6th and with opening of bids on June 23rd.  Hopefully, the project will be awarded by July 1st.  If all goes well, construction will begin mid-July with completion by early December.
  • J Avenue – the condo association has done some work. They built a curb, done some sandbagging, added some soil around the curb line.  It is a start and there is progress there.
  • A new NJDOT application will be discussed during the next workshop meeting and J Avenue is on the list for discussion.
  • The sanitary sewer rehab project is in full swing. Five manholes have been complete along with 15 additional manholes.  See the Finance Commissioner’s report below for more details.
  • The roof on the municipal building needs repair. A couple of prices have been received for a full replacement (expensive) and a rubber seal roof (less expensive).  This will be discussed at the next workshop meeting.

POLICE (297calls):

  • Total motor vehicle stops totaled 19 during the month as well as 63 parking complaints/violations.
  • There were 31 property checks in May.
  • The Chief of Police requests that you lock your cars and doors. If bikes are unattended, they should be locked.
  • Do not park illegally. A summons may be issued.  The department is enforcing parking restrictions.
  • You should not put trash cans/chairs/cones or objects in the roadway trying to save a parking space for someone. Obstructing the roadway is illegal per Commissioner Banning.


  • As of the end of May we are at the 41% point of the year for the operating budget. The overall Borough expenditures are at 37% through May 31st.


  • Twenty-eight manholes have been repaired/renovated/replaced in the last 18 months. Of the 28, eight were part of the Poplar Avenue project.  A full renovation was done on five in Phase #1 this year and 15 had leak repairs done (Phase #2).
  • It is too early to measure anything because they just finished up last Friday (5/27). Commissioner Segrest says there is call for optimism!  Of the 20 manholes done, about 50% had SEVERE leakage.  We should have an idea of reduction in flow rate by mid-August.
  • We may be able to do an additional 10 manholes this year based on funding. This will give us 38 manholes complete out of 107 manholes.  The long-term plan is to continue an annual maintenance program.


  • The annual Independence Day parade will be held on Monday, July 4th. Children are encouraged to decorate their bikes etc. and participate in the parade.  Children should register for the parade and pick up decorating materials and their registration numbers starting Monday, June 20th at Borough Hall.
  • Something new this year is live music provided by Bayside Trio (100% volunteering) in Neptune Park beginning around 12:00 pm, after the parade.
  • Also coming back are pretzels from the Ladies Auxiliary. They will also be managing the Borough hot dog cart.  The Borough will be providing water and refreshments.  The CTWWW will be providing water ice and Island trophies will be supplying the awards for the children’s bicycle competition.
  • The Borough and Atlantic City Electric had discussions about affixing American flags to the ACE owned poles. We are no longer permitted to hang traditional flag poles from the power poles.  We do have other options available such as banner flags and will budget something new for 2023.
  • The flood siren is still operational manually. Two contractors have been contacted and it is a supply chain issue.  It could be months before it will be repaired.


  • A request was made to repair the stop sign at L and Pine. Public works will be notified.
  • An explanation of closed meetings was discussed and why they need to have them during the regular meeting. The example of the May meeting was used.  This was necessary because of the issue with the trash/recycle collection contract.  An executive (closed) meeting was needed to discuss the legal issues pertaining to the vendor’s request and a resolution had to be passed authorizing the additional payment.  The solicitor and commissioners wanted to avoid an interruption in service.  You may have read about the shore points negotiations with Gold Medal Environmental recently.
  • The police department sent two officers to the academy, and one decided not to accept employment with the Borough. It is unclear whether the Borough will be reimbursed for any expenses related to this issue.
  • Setbacks were discussed when planning on construction on your property. The side setback is 4 feet from the property line and the front is 10 feet.
  • In rental properties, the landlord will be contacted directly by the Police Department if any issues arise with the occupant. Landlords are not always willing to work with the department.
  • Please avoid blowing grass clippings in the street – let your landscaper know too. This may help with the stormwater issues.

We encourage you to listen to the audio from the meeting to have a better understanding of actual comments.

See you soon,
The CTWWW Advisory Council

Trish Sinnott – President
Mary Anne Welsh – Secretary
Jim Bannan – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer
Vacant – Vice President
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director

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