**** Borough Meeting Highlights 9-02-2022

**** Borough Meeting Highlights 9-02-2022

Dear West Wildwood Neighbors.

The ninth monthly borough meeting of 2022 was held on Friday, September 2nd at 7:00 pm in Borough Hall.  Approximately 30 people were in attendance.   Mayor Ksiazek, Commissioners Segrest and Banning, Administrator/Municipal Clerk Donna Frederick, Deputy Clerk Carl O’Hala and Solicitor Lyons were present.

Ordinance #604 (2022) – second reading postponed until the workshop meeting scheduled on September 21st due to a publication error.  The ordinance relates to the reallocation of bond funds not spent on projects as specified in original Ordinance #592 (2021).  Funds will be reallocated to the Lake Avenue bulkhead and outfall pipe project.

Resolutions #2022-096 through #2022-102 relate to the following:

  • Adoption of the calendar year 2021 audit report.
  • Authorizing the refund of a fire inspection fee overpayment.
  • Appointment of Brian Vergantino to the West Wildwood Planning Board to fill an opening resulting from the resignation of Lew Ostrander.
  • Appointment of Carl O’Hala as the Safety Coordinator to the Atlantic County Joint Insurance Fund.
  • Authorizing in rem foreclosure action. Six properties were listed and two were redeemed for over $55,152.
  • Authorizing a business associate agreement with Marsh McLennan Agency, LLC, a Delta Dental Broker.
  • Authorizing the awarding of a contract to Carter Geoscience, LLC for Phase I, Environmental Site Assessments for $3,800. This is the first step in the possible redevelopment of the old rail line and North Drive (behind West Side Saloon to public works building). The site assessment will research historical use, current use, contamination, etc., and identify future use of the area.

The commissioner reports were presented, and they will be available in their entirety on the borough website.  If you would like a copy of any report, please request it via our email address below or OPRA it directly from Borough Hall.


  • Tide valves on the entire island were checked and an inventory list was completed.
  • Tide valve maintenance and cleaning were completed at Venice Avenue and D Avenue.
  • Flood gates were lubricated and maintained.
  • The borough will not cancel the contract with Ford for the purchase of a new dump truck. In the meantime, a 4-wheel drive Chevy Silverado 2500 with a 9-foot plow package will be leased.  The leased truck will enable the borough to plow snow this winter.  A delivery date for the vehicle is early the week of September 5th.
  • The borough should be notified of a delivery date for the new pavilion within a week.
  • The borough intends to post for sale several old vehicles that have been in the public works yard for years on a government web site.
  • The municipal clerk toured the island with Atlantic City Electric and identified concrete repairs to sidewalks that were needed resulting from the electric pole replacements.
  • Trenton awarded the borough almost $170,000 of Urban Enterprise Zone funds for the 2022/2023 years. A new informational sign has been approved and public safety camera project is on the agenda for this month’s UEZ board meeting.


  • The A Avenue project was completed.
  • The police department ramp plans will be discussed at a meeting shortly after Labor Day.
  • Bids for Phase III of manhole repairs will be advertised shortly. Hopefully the contract will be awarded at the September 21st workshop meeting and the repairs will be completed prior to year-end.
  • Expect the Pine Avenue (DOT) reconstruction project will be approved at the November 4th meeting.
  • Adjacent property owners to Veteran’s Park have been notified of surveying activities. Once plans are complete, a meeting will be held with nearby residents to discuss the new bulkhead plans.  CAFRA applications will be initiated now as the permitting process can take up to 90 days.


  • As of the end of August, the overall borough expenditures are at 56% of all accounts as compared to 66% point of the calendar year. This indicates we are tracking below budgeted amounts.
  • The most recent sewer flow rates were not available. The report may be available next week.



  • Total motor vehicle stops totaled 19 during the month as well as 12 parking complaints/violations.
  • There were 9 medical assists in August and 7 general complaints.
  • One arrest resulting from unlawful entry.
  • Two harassment complaints.
  • Three thefts and one was unfounded.



  • A resident commented on assessing sewer costs based on actual usage. The borough is working on the manholes that should address the water leakage issue which is 90% of the sewage charge.  After the beginning of the year, actual usage will be compared to billed charges.
  • The 700 block of Maple Avenue storm sewer drain problem continues after the flood gate was repaired and sealed. Water continues coming out of storm drain leaving murky residue.  Mayor Ksiazek agreed to have the engineers review the issue and perform a flow test.
  • A homeowner thanked the borough for repairing a drainpipe that was threatening the homeowner’s bulkhead.
  • Two checks were presented to the Borough Beautification Fund by the CTWWW resulting from two separate fundraising efforts. A check for $540 represented the balance of proceeds from the sale of magnets (2021 magnet proceeds were $4,460 for a total of $5,000 donated). A 2nd check for $6,000 from the sale of t-shirts and hoodies was presented.  The mayor thanked all those who participated and said the proceeds will benefit the entire community.  The mayor gave an update on the Beautification Fund.  The previous donation from the sale of magnets was used towards the purchase of the pavilion.  Suggestions for the use of the most recent donation will be discussed at the September workshop meeting. The mayor and commissioners encourage residents to email them with suggestions.
  • No notice of new litigations other than tax assessments.
  • A homeowner asked whether we are fully staffed in the Police Department? Commissioner Banning replied “we have manning to cover our shifts”.
  • An update on the Living Shoreline was provided. Mott Macdonald (resiliency engineers), Jim Rutala (grant expert) & Carter Geoscience will work together to apply for grants, begin the permit process and if funded and permitted, execute the original design for the Living Shoreline project. Once the borough gets the funding, we are shovel ready.

We encourage you to listen to the audio from the meeting to have a better understanding of actual comments.

See you soon,
The CTWWW Advisory Council


Trish Sinnott – President
Mary Anne Welsh – Secretary
Jim Bannan – Director
Susan Czwalina – Treasurer
Vacant – Vice President
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director
Vacant – Director

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