Glossary Page Added To Website!

Glossary Page Added To Website!

Dear CTWWW Members,

Great news!   A new page was added to the website and is entitled Glossary.  It contains definitions and explanations for acronyms and other terms you may hear discussed at monthly borough meetings.

Please visit the page and use it as your resource.  If you have any suggestions as to other information that could be added, please send it to

We appreciate your feedback and hope you find the information helpful.

Thank you for your continued support,

  CTWWW Advisory Council
Trish Sinnott – President Mary Anne Welsh – Asst. Treasurer Bob Bradley – Director
Joe Kline – Vice President Joe Segrest – Secretary Charles Chepak – Director
 Susan Czwalina – Treasurer Jim Bannan – Director Bern Hennessy – Director


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