Meeting Reminder 01-06-2019

Meeting Reminder 01-06-2019

As you are aware, the first monthly borough meeting will be held Wednesday, January 9th at 3:00PM. Our plan is to live stream the meeting to all interested taxpayers. At this time, though, we are challenged by a wi-fi problem within the hall side of the building and are speaking with Comcast to improve service, although it will not be completed by tomorrow.

And so now, we are at Plan B. We have a videographer joining us. He will tape the meeting, edit it and have it available to you within 72 hours. You will be able to send any thoughts and questions back to us via email and we will include your comments at the next meeting. As promised, we are committed to “being your voice” and will keep you updated with all information shared at the meeting.

Listed below are questions which were sent to borough officials by the CTWWW, in preparation for Wednesday’s discussions.

Thanks for your patience.

Best Regards,
The CTWWW Advisory Council

Re: Wednesday, January 9, 2019 Borough Meeting – Questions

1. Master Plan for state of NJ – If incomplete, does this affect our ability to collect state funding? Who is in charge of completing the plan?

2. Edmunds and Assoc. Software Company – Who is the borough lead for web site and financial management software and what is their 2019 plan of action?

3. Do borough officials attend educational workshops and/or symposia on topics such as governing, leadership, risk management, accounting, communication? Are there any CE requirements associated with the role of a Commissioner?

4. Planning Board Committee- How many members are on the committee and what are the procedures for adding new members? What are the 2019 goals of the board?

5. How much money does the borough save per month because of the Friday furloughs? How much is currently being paid out per month on the Ferentz lawsuit and any others? How much of the furloughed savings is going directly to the lawsuit payments?

6. Please provide a list of assets owned by the Borough of WWW – Property and Bank Account totals for year-end 2018.

7. Updates on the Mawhinney and Polombaro lawsuit.

8. Updates on the 2019 goals of the borough officials: budget and safety. What are the milestones we can expect to see and when will a budget “draft” be available?

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