2019 Membership Application

Yearly membership dues of $25 per household will enable us to:

    • continue to videotape borough meetings
    • maintain the web page
    • provide printing and postage for direct mail communications
    • support community out-reach programs
    • host social gatherings
    • engage legal services, if needed
    • pay for appropriate incidentals as they occur

A monthly budget is available for your review upon your request.
Internal audits are done once a year.


STEP 1: Check appropriate box

Application is for a: New Renewal

STEP 2: Provide household information

West Wildwood Property Address:

Mailing Address:

STEP 3: Provide household adult members

STEP 4: Complete questionnaire

We will accept all mailings from CTWWW by email.We want to get more involved in taxpayer issues and CTWWW volunteer activities.

STEP 5: Remit membership dues

($25 Membership dues cover all adults within your household)

I will submit my application and mail my membership dues using a check.I will submit my application and pay my membership dues online.

Checks payable to “CTWWW”
Send check & application to:
CTWWW, PO Box 624, West Wildwood, NJ 08260