Newsletter 09-13-2018

Newsletter 09-13-2018

September 13, 2018

Dear CTWWW members,

We are pleased to announce that our membership is growing and would like to welcome you, your family and neighbors to our association. Regardless of when your name was added to our member list, your involvement and support are vital to our future success as a neighborhood association.

On Monday, you received an email regarding our follow-up memo to the September 7th borough meeting. Your feedback has been valuable and is being shared with legal counsel in order to implement the most cost effective and realistic plan to bring about change.
Currently the CTWWW is working on these items:

1. Formalizing the CTWWW from a legal paperwork perspective. This includes the approval of Advisory Council whose members will be assigned specific roles and responsibilities. Final names will be released later this week. The organization has already written the by-laws as well as mission and vision statements (attached). Securing a tax ID number and bank account are also being handled and specific information will be shared as soon as possible. In the meantime, please feel comfortable sending any non-deductible donations to the following temporary address:

c/o Ms. Doherty
215 R Avenue
West Wildwood, NJ 08260

2. Donations are being documented and handled by our Treasurer, Mary Ann Welsh and Finance Director, Susan Czwalina. They will be used to pay for legal expenses.

3. Legal counsel is continuing to be interviewed. A decision will be made by next week and details concerning the plan will be shared via email or an actual meeting, depending on weather conditions.

4. Collecting names of interested full time homeowners who would like to assume leadership positions on the island. Please contact Trish Sinnott at 215.429.1616 to discuss.

These steps are vital to the establishment of a professional association. We are working tirelessly to see them completed quickly.

Any questions, please send an email.
The CTWWW Advisory Council

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