Newsletter 10-10-2018

Newsletter 10-10-2018

Dear CTWWW Members,                                                                     

You can’t fight city hall.”

This sad statement, in addition to a few others, was heard at the end of what was one of the worst borough meetings ever attended by WWW taxpayers.

The lack of detailed information on important topics such as the police force and its budget was only magnified by the overall confusion and innate arrogance of the officials sitting at the tables in the front of the room.

It is amazing that our officials are not embarrassed by their own incompetent behaviors.

And so now, instead of bowing to this first cliché, let’s choose another:

“Real works are performed, not by strength, but by perseverance.”

Our choice is clear.  We must continue our efforts to organize a strong and cohesive group and develop a plan to make a change in our current leadership.

It is distressing to have to write a message along these lines, but it is apparent that the current officials do not possess the interest or knowledge necessary to lead WWW.

For example, the topic of police consolidation was discussed, yet the commissioners could clearly not respond to questions on the number of vehicles or the number of personnel in the police force.

Also, the mayor flatly refused to even study the impact (positive or negative) on the use of shared services for police protection.

Despite all the resources and assistance available to our leadership, their reports and responses are superficial and lack focus.  A request for information on a ramp for the small beach resulted in a 10-minute rambling discourse on grant applications.  In the end, confusing as it was, engineered drawings have not yet been done for the project.

Regretfully, their answers cannot be relied upon to assist with upcoming plans, current problems or past conflicts.

Normally, one would ask these officials to try and make a more determined effort to achieve quality results at future meetings but that does not look possible.

It appears that they don’t want to improve and that is the biggest problem of them all.

So, stay tuned.

We are committed to “refreshing our small time charm through talented leadership on the back bay.”   And we need your help to do it.

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