Questions to Borough Leaders 03-28-2019

Questions to Borough Leaders 03-28-2019

March 28, 2019

To:  Christopher J. Fox,  Commissioner, Public Works and Sewer Utility
Scott W. Golden, Commissioner, Public Affairs and Safety
Cornelius J. Maxwell, Commissioner, Revenue and Finance
Marcus H. Karavan, Borough Solicitor
William G. Blaney, Borough Labor Counsel

Re: Wednesday, April 3, 2019 Borough Meeting Agenda Item

  1. In the future, if one of the WWW borough solicitors were unavailable for an afternoon meeting, perhaps their replacement could be ready to follow up with answers to the questions from the previous borough meeting. The response, “I’ll have to check with Mr. Karavan,” speaks to a lack of preparation by borough solicitors.
  2. What is the current status of the 2019 budget development? Is the furlough expected to be lifted in April as previously mentioned?
  3. What plans were shared at the planning board regarding the Master Plan? What significant changes were discussed?  Is there a scheduled date for completion of the project?
  4. Please provide an update on the sewer system inflow and intrusion mitigation efforts.
  5. Please provide an update on the living shoreline project.
  6. Status on the ADA ramp projects. Did the plans go to the DEP for review?
  7. JIF appeal status – has it been scheduled for oral argument?
  8. Please provide an update on Mawhinney lawsuit.
  9. Please explain the reasoning behind WWW not passing a resolution regarding nepotism. Regardless of other borough’s decisions, which don’t affect WWW, wouldn’t it be prudent to institute one now?

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