Questions to Borough Leaders 04-24-2019

Questions to Borough Leaders 04-24-2019

April 24, 2019

To: Christopher J. Fox, Commissioner, Public Works and Sewer Utility
Scott W. Golden, Commissioner, Public Affairs and Safety
Cornelius J. Maxwell, Commissioner, Revenue and Finance
Marcus H. Karavan, Borough Solicitor
William G. Blaney, Borough Labor Counsel

From: Advisory Council of Concerned Taxpayers of West Wildwood

Re: Wednesday, May 1, 2019 Borough Meeting Agenda Items

  1. Was a Brady Letter ever issued to Jackie Ferentz or any correspondence similar to a Brady letter?
    If so, does the Brady Letter restrict her in her official duties as a Police Chief/Officer to testify in court,
    swear out affidavits for arrest & search warrants. If she patrols and makes an arrest, would her testimony
    come under scrutiny?
  2. Why was Mayor Fox absent from the Wildwoods Mayor Meeting? Do you feel that it was missed
    opportunity to promote the island? Who prepared Chris Ridings’ remarks?
  3. What plans were shared at the planning board meeting regarding the Master Plan? What significant
    changes were discussed? Is there a scheduled date for completion of the project?
  4. Please provide an update on the sewer system inflow and intrusion mitigation efforts. Have
    homeowners repaired their sewer caps?
  5. Please provide an update on the living shoreline project.
  6. Please provide an update on the ADA ramp projects. Has the constructability review been accepted?
  7. Please provide an update on Mawhinney lawsuit. Has a firm date been set for the mediation? If so,
    please provide date, time and location.
  8. JIF appeal status – has it been scheduled for oral argument?

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