Questions to Borough Leaders 8-6-2019

Questions to Borough Leaders 8-6-2019

To: Christopher J. Fox, Commissioner, Public Works and Sewer Utility

Scott W. Golden, Commissioner, Public Affairs and Safety

Marcus H. Karavan, Borough Solicitor

William G. Blaney, Borough Labor Counsel

Re: Wednesday, August 7, 2019 Borough Meeting Questions Agenda Item

  1. Please explain the rationale for the decisions to go against Counsel’s advice and the JIF cooperation clause in the CEPA case that led to the non-payment of the judgement.
  2. What was the rationale in allowing the Disciplinary Hearing results being excluded from future litigation?
  3. What is your plan to replace Chris Ridings?
  4. What actions have occurred and are in process on the Mawhinney Lawsuit?
  5. Are we sending any Police Officers to the Academy and what is the cost involved?
  6. What is the status of the Beach Access Project and do we know the final cost?
  7. Can we use part of this funding to accommodate Kayak access in project?
  8. Have the bids gone out for the Police Access ramp?
  9. Has a hearing date been set on the appeal to the Ethics violations? Will the hearing be open to the public?
  10. Please provide an update on Living Shoreline?

Questions for August 7 Borough Meeting

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