Eminent domain – the right of a government or its agent to expropriate (take away)
private property for public use, with payment of compensation.

JIF appeal –

Living shoreline project –

Master Plan – A planning document that serves to guide the overall character,
physical form, growth, and development of a community. It describes how, why,
where, and when to build or rebuild a city or town. It provides guidance to local
officials when they are making decisions on budgets, ordinances, capital
improvements,]; zoning and subdivision matters, and other growth-related issues.
A master plan also provides an opportunity for community leaders to look ahead,
establish new visions and directions, set goals, and map out plans for the future.
Properly done, a master plan should describe where, how, and at what pace a
community desires to develop physically, economically, and socially. In short, a
master plan functions much like a roadmap or a blueprint; it is a guide to the future.

Mawhinney lawsuit –

Mediation vs arbitration –

Merger vs consolidation –

Nepotism – the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or
friends, especially by giving them jobs.
Ordinance vs. resolution –
Tort claim – The word “tort” is French for “wrong.” A tort claim, then, is a claim in
which someone seeks compensation for someone else’s wrongdoing.
Walsh Act form of government –


ADA (acronym and projects going on/grant money)

CMCMUA (acronym and what they do)

COAH (acronym)

JIF (acronym and what they do)

LFB (acronym and what they do)

MEL (acronym and what they do)

OPRA (acronym)