Borough Meeting Highlights 02-06-2019

Borough Meeting Highlights 02-06-2019

Dear CTWWW Members,

The second West Wildwood borough meeting of 2019 was held on Wednesday, February 6th at 3PM and was attended by approximately 40 taxpayers.  The Mayor and both Commissioners were in attendance and provided reports on their respective departments (copy attached to this newsletter).

Highlights of the meeting included:

  1. The Commissioners hope to bring back the furloughed employees in April. This restores the 20% cut in pay those employees experienced for 10 months of 2018.  In addition, the CTWWW suggested that a Cost of Living allowance (COLA) be included in the 2019 budget.
  2. Grants are being investigated to acquire a camera system to find the issues with the water intrusion in the sewer system. This grant is required to be shared use so Wildwood City will be our partner.  Also, inspections for proper sewer vent caps resulted in a dozen property owners being notified repairs are needed.  This is critical to resolve the sewer cost issue.
  3. The CTWWW suggested Police wages of $15 per hour minimum be considered to attract and retain qualified class II officers. The Commissioners will take that under consideration.
  4. Review of the phone and internet costs will be done and IT services contract is out for bid.
  5. We are approved for a $400,000 grant that will be used for two projects, beach access ramp and Police access ramp. There is a specific process of advertising and plan submittal prior to bid request required or we will lose funding.  That is expected to occur over the next couple months.
  6. Currently there is no plan to change the day or time of the monthly meeting.
  7. There is no timeframe for public review of the 2019 budget. The Borough can operate for 90 days at 26% of the 2018 budget level and can extend that for another 90 days if needed.
  8. Public comment included discussion of message board repair, emergency dispatch system, hall rental fee, lawsuit impact and follow up, and living shoreline update.

We will continue to video record the monthly meetings.  Our website will go live shortly and have a link to view the meeting however in the meantime just click or paste this link to view the February meeting.

In closing, please be assured that the Mayor and Commissioners are aware of the taxpayer’s frustration with the new monthly time slot.  We also appreciate your support through becoming a member, your donations and appreciate your feedback.

2-2019 Borough meeting highlights

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