Borough Meeting Highlights 03-06-2019

Borough Meeting Highlights 03-06-2019

Dear West Wildwood neighbors,

West Wildwood borough held its 3rd meeting of 2019 on Wednesday, March 6th at 3PM and was attended by
approximately 40 taxpayers. The Mayor and both Commissioners were in attendance and provided reports on
their respective departments (copy attached to this newsletter). Highlights of the meeting included:
1. ADA Beach and Police ramps grant status – the 2
nd required advertisement is running and prepared by the
grant consultant company, Triad. Preliminary plans were done as part of the original estimate process and
can be submitted to DEP once the advertisements are done, which should be around March 20
2. Sewer update – Four homeowners repaired their sewer caps. It is expected that more will be done in the
spring. Code Enforcement is working it. Also, Triad is working on another possible grant.
3. The 2019 budget is in process and they are just tying up loose ends. The temporary budget has been
extended for an additional 90 days.
4. The appeal to JIF on the Ferentz lawsuit is still waiting for possible oral arguments to be scheduled.
5. Our current solicitor, Marcus Karavan, was unavailable and was represented by his associate, Mr. Kyle
Weinberg. Mr. Karavan reviewed numerous ordinances on nepotism and stated there are no plans to adopt
a nepotism ordinance at this time.
6. The $70,000 trust is made up of street opening, employee absences and parks/recreation escrows.
7. There is no action yet on the impact of the Rain Tax. They are waiting for direction from the State and it
likely would only impact new development.
8. Discussions continue with the NJ DEP and others with regard to The Living Shoreline Project. The project
would help control erosion of the 26th St peninsula and protect the marsh land habitat.
9. West Wildwood was not represented this year at the Greater Wildwood Chamber of Commerce Police
Chief’s luncheon due to a scheduling conflict of our Chief.
10. Public comment included discussion of hall rental fee, Mawhinney lawsuit, WWFD concerns with the
CTWWW organization.

We will continue to video record the monthly meetings. Our website will go live shortly and have a link to view
the meetings, however, in the meantime, just click or paste this link to view the March meeting.
In closing, please be assured that the Mayor and Commissioners are aware of the continued taxpayer’s
frustration with the new monthly meeting time slot. We appreciate your support through becoming a member
and your generous donations. We welcome your feedback as it helps us address the issues most important to
you and your family.

Borough Meeting 03-06-19

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