Borough Meeting Highlights 07-03-2019

Borough Meeting Highlights 07-03-2019

Dear West Wildwood neighbors,

West Wildwood borough held its 7th meeting of 2019 on Wednesday, July 3rd at 3PM and was attended by approximately 40 taxpayers.  The Mayor and Commissioner Golden were in attendance.

At the opening the meeting Chris Fox acknowledged the service of the Borough Administrator, Chris Riding who resigned effective July 4.  His wife is a United Methodist pastor and was reassigned to a town in Deptford, NJ.

The first order of business was approval of two ordinances and seven resolutions listed below:

  • Ordinance 573-2019 was approved on use of the electronic sign for business advertising only. The cost for use is $10 per day.
  • Ordinance 574-2019 was approved creating an ordinance to control litter affecting the storm water system. This is an addendum to current ordinance to add the DEP requirements.
  • Resolution 2019-057 was approved to submit a clean community’s grant proposal.
  • Resolution 2019-058 was approved for removal of a handicap parking designation at 649 W Poplar.
  • Resolution 2019-059 was approved to refund COAH (Council On Affordable Housing) fees.
  • Resolution 2019-060 was approved for hiring a Class II Police Officer.
  • Resolution 2019-061 was approved for a grant submittal for A avenue reconstruction.
  • Res 2019-062 was approved to allow the Borough to designate Handicap parking.

The Police report and Public Works report were read and are attached to this newsletter.

The Fourth of July Parade is scheduled for at 10:30am.

Public comment included the following:

  • Open Administrator position – The commissioners have not considered a path forward on replacement or reorganization of responsibilities.
  • Mawhinney Lawsuit is currently in the discovery process. The case did not get resolved in mediation. The next step could be a trial. James Birchmeir is the JIF Attorney defending the Borough.  The mediation was attended by Chris Fox and Chris Riding.
  • Access to North Drive Condos (Holly Bay) was discussed. The prior access across a private property is blocked.  Public Works will remove one way signs.
  • Beach Access Project – The job was estimated at $200,000 and was bid at $170,000 but there may be additional cost for bollards and other items. Once complete the Police ramp project will be started.  Chris Fox will take oversight responsibility from Chis Riding.
  • Pool Fencing Ordinance – It was stated that pool areas must be completely fenced.
  • Pending Legal Action – There are two active lawsuits (Mawhinney and JIF Appeal) in addition to an action on COAH (Council On Affordable Housing) immunity.
  • J Avenue Flooding – The outfall pipe will be upgraded as part of a road project to resolve some of the flooding issues.
  • The State is driving consolidation of small towns with larger towns (1500 people). A referendum would be required to proceed with any consolidation action. Mayor Fox would only support a merger with another town.
  • Discussion regarding raccoon problems – citizen contacted the Police who said they didn’t handle that – we currently have a contract with Animal Control of South Jersey at $600/quarter. Homeowners are responsible for property specific issues.
  • The Master Plan should be completed shortly.
  • JIF appeal – no oral argument has been scheduled as of 7/3/19
  • Property occupied by Scott Golden on Poplar Ave. came under scrutiny when it came to taxes paid. Scott indicated he pays about $13,000 and the tax rolls are wrong
  • The Police Department currently has 1 Chief and 6 Officers. The extra officers are needed to cover those who are in the National Guard who believe they may be called up
  • There was a question on which Police Academy Nicole Fox and Branden Turner will attend. Commissioner Golden was not sure they are even going.
  • The Police Chief works 5 days/week, 7:00am to 4:00pm. She most likely can be contacted in the Police office between those times.
  • Living Shoreline – The tidelands application is completed and will be filed with the state. DEP will determine how much will be funded. Access to the project will be by eminent domain.
  • Borough meeting times were discussed. Mayor Fox says he has no reason plans to change.

We encourage you to watch the video of the monthly meetings to fully understand the discussions.  To view the videos go to the website.  The latest video is always on the homepage.  There is a separate page for the prior videos.  Also the newslink page has articles and the communications page has all of the newsletters.

We appreciate your support through becoming a member and your generous donations.  We welcome your feedback as it helps us address the issues most important to you and your family.

BOWW highlights July 2019

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